Crucial Turning Point

In recent years, our research on crypto currency has proven that the digital currency potential in the Fintech world is rising at an extraordinary growth. Logiic has taken an initiative to focus a portion of our resources to this particular fast rising asset class. As this digital phenomenon takes flight and gains success, Logiic has been working on mining valuable crypto currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum.

Since Logiic has already built a strong infrastructure for high frequency algorithmic trading around the world, the best way to capitalize in this digital currency world was to merge our state of the art technological infrastructure and focus our trading efforts the trading and mining of crypto currencies. This framework has allowed us to analyze data, trade and mine crypto currencies, with an advantage.

But the best technology in the world still requires human oversight. Our team of savvy traders, with over a century of cumulative experience, continually overviews trading mandates and the best opportunities and movements in the digital currency market. Thus, we have the best of both worlds: skilled human oversight and seamless algorithmic trade execution across the world.