Trading Strategy


HFT represents a next evolutionary level of trading in financial markets. The edge that HFT has over normal trading made by humans is speed. Logiic’s super computers are able to transfer information and respond in fractions of a second. Our high-frequency algorithmic trading platform was developed so that our computers can trade at dizzying speeds and almost entirely on its own

Intelligence and Market Knowledge

Successful trades do not depend on speed alone. Behind the success of our platform are hundreds of hours of constant evaluation or market situations, designing and tweaking algorithms, transposing them into computer programs and building technology infrastructure.


We focus our HFT trades on arbitrage – which means taking advantage of the difference of prices. With speed, we are able to have an advantage in the markets for opportunities to profit. To better optimize our arbitrage trades, we use the latest communication technologies and place our computers directly at the stock and coin exchanges (Co-Location)

Market Making

A business model similar to currency exchange offices. Market makers offer to both sell and buy a financial asset and profit is made on the difference between purchase and sell price called the spread. These trades are often rewarded by the stock exchanges that value their activity, because it raises awareness. Simply put, it means that there is always someone who will purchase or sell assets.

Advantages of Crypto currency Trading