about us

great products for great people

Logiic is a dynamic software company providing world-class business solutions to a wide range of enterprises. We provide world-class consulting services at competitive prices. We have a number of years of expertise in analyzing the requirements of businesses and developing applications to meet their business needs.

We take pride in developing durable and reliable software systems for our clients to help them achieve their goals. In addition to a background in information technology, engineering or consultancy, our experts have accumulated strong competencies in project management and software development methodologies. These skills are the keys with which we build and deliver advanced software systems that are intuitive, flexible, and reliable.

Quality and openness being at the core of our values and design principles, our solutions are naturally based on Open Standards and Open Source technologies.


At Logiic we know software systems always live longer than originally expected. We therefore believe our software must be sustainable in itself: open, inter-operable, easy to maintain and extend, and overall a good citizen of your IT portfolio.

We also believe software must sustain your business, not the other way around. When you invest in a software development or implementation project, you want to make sure the result will bring the expected benefits. You also want to have a future proof solution that preserves your freedom.

We share these objectives with you, and to achieve them we work along a few key values and design principles:

  • Collaboration

  • Open source Open Architectures and Open Standards

  • Quality

  • Commitment and trust


In accordance with our strong belief in delivering consistently high quality results in every engagement, Logiic is certified ISO 9001-2008. This important certification is the internationally recognized and respected standard for the quality management system of organizations in accordance with the International Standards Organization (ISO). It is the basis of our continuous improvement practices. Our team applies certified processes and industry best practices to every project to ensure our customers benefit from the long-term value and return on investment that high quality work delivers.


We are proud to commit on results. After the project initiation phase, when the objectives and constraints are clear, we are more than happy to commit on results. So the quality you expect comes without budgetary and planning surprises.