the sync module

Synchronization is needed when you have multiple sites using OpenMRS

Synchronization is needed when you have multiple sites using OpenMRS with separate databases and you want them to copy data to each other. In this situation, one site has to act as the "Parent", and one acts as the "Child". The Parent is always the computer or site that is most central.

Multiple child sites send their data up to the parent site for dissemination. Children/parent sites can be set up in a multi hierarchy way. (eg. a parent server can have a parent server). The parent/child servers can be connected by a network continuously, connected occasionally, or not connected at all.

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Project -Synchronization with Symmetric DS

an alternative synchronization paradigm

The paradigm employed by the current synchronization module is one of API-level synchronization. All changes made via the API and persisted to the database via hibernate are captured, logged, and transmitted to the other servers in the network through a central "parent" node. This approach, although relatively successful, has a number of drawbacks. One is that it puts the burden of maintaining database synchronization on the application. This opens up a number of failure points and has proven fairly maintenance intensive. Another is that it does not allow for any direct manipulation of the underlying database, limiting certain system integration options, and complicating support and maintenance.

The goal of this project is to develop an alternative synchronization paradigm using SymmetricDS. SymmetricDS, from it's website, describes itself as "an asynchronous data replication software package that supports multiple subscribers and bi-directional synchronization. It uses web and database technologies to replicate tables between relational databases, in near real time if desired." Phase 1 of this project would be to build the necessary tools and configuration to successfully synchronize a single database table across 2 OpenMRS instances. Phase 2 would be to support all tables (via web configuration) in the OpenMRS schema.