Manage  on-site online  events

Organize, publish, promote and sell



Email marketing

Schedule automatic communications : save the date, enrollment confirmation, reminders, know before you go, thank you for attending, etc.

social Media integration 

Set a Twitter Hashtag for each of your events.

SEO integration

Get keyword suggestions according to Google most searched terms and improve your SEO.

Google Analytics integration

Track all kind of events related to visits, shopping carts, call-to-actions and more by default. 


An extra way to communicate with your public, the SMS Text Messages also allows you to have different templates and to choose when you would like your message to be triggered.



Sell tickets online 

Sell registrations to your events with the multi-ticketing feature. Register several people at once. During the subscription process, the participant will be able to detail each attendee in a new screen.

Online or offline sales 

Allow attendees to pay online with a credit card or with the invoice, based on your configuration.

Manage sales & increase revenues

Configure automated invoicing, cancellation policies, specific prices for members and sale conditions like early bird for your event.

Dashboards & reporting

Real time information and data on your event.


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Drag & drop editor

Structure your event pages with our premade building blocks. Create landing pages, agendas, speakers bios, calls-to-action, images, links and much more in just a few clicks. 

Building blocks system

Edit your events by adding your text and graphics directly within the editable content of your building blocks.  


Pick one of Odoo’s awesome themes and change the layout according to your taste without losing time starting from scratch. 

Edit menu

Create a menu with several pages for advanced events.


Attendees management

Manage resources, create group of attendees, set min/max capacities. Add custom questions at subscriptions, per attendee or per subscription. Customize entrance badges and analyze attendee profile.

Mobile registration

Use your smartphone to see the list of attendees, or simply use your phone's camera to scan badges and update the list of attendees.

Event budget

Administration of resources allocation and automated purchases. 


Send automate follow-up emails or satisfaction surveys and allow reviews.