Digital Situation Room(DSR)

Revolutionize Governance with RISA’s Upgraded Digital Situation Room

Real-Time Data for Informed Decisions and Enhanced Efficiency!

About DSR

The Digital Situation Room (DSR) project, initiated by the Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA) in collaboration with Enabel, aims to enhance data-driven decision-making across Rwanda. By upgrading the current Digital Situation Room, this project will streamline data management and visualization, ensuring timely and informed decisions to improve governance and service delivery at all administrative levels.

Key Features

Comprehensive Data Management

Capture and manage data effectively across all sectors and administrative levels, from provincial to cell.

Real-Time Reporting and Analytics

Generate real-time reports and dashboards that support decision-making processes.

User-Friendly Interface
Develop intuitive interfaces that allow users to download customized reports tracking progress against KPIs.

Integration with GBIS
Integrate with the Government Business Intelligence Solution (GBIS) for consolidated data visualization and analysis.

Enhanced Security
Implement robust security measures to protect data integrity and confidentiality.

Capacity Building

Provide training and capacity-building programs for stakeholders to maximize the system’s effectiveness.

Impact and Benefits

The upgraded Digital Situation Room is set to transform how local government authorities in Rwanda make decisions. By providing accurate, timely, and integrated data, the system will enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of governance. This upgrade will support the government's smart/e-governance policy, promoting a paperless strategy and improving planning, monitoring, and evaluation of national programs.

Why DSR?


Accelerate data collection and reporting processes.


Ensure data is validated and reliable.


Leverage advanced analytics for strategic decision-making.


Integrate various data sources for a unified view.


Expand the system’s capabilities across all administrative levels.

Stakeholders Involved

  • Rwanda Information Society Authority (RISA)
  • Enabel - Belgian Development Agency in Rwanda
  • Local Government Authorities (Eastern Province, Districts, Sectors)
  • Ministry of Local Government (MINALOC)
  • Relevant Government Agencies and Departments


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