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Logiic ERP is an integrated management software. It includes a comprehensive and complete suite of business applications allowing, for example, to manage your contacts (CRM), sales, your projects, your warehouse, your accounting, your human res sources, or even your manufacturing process.

Logiic ERP can answer all your business needs. Today, there are more than 1.300 available modules, and new ones are created everyday.

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Our ERP system are specifically tailored and customized for the requirement of your industry, it not only addresses the current requirements of your company but it also provides you with the opportunity of continually improving and refining your business processes.


Logiic holds the strong capability of understanding your Business requirements and customize the each module’s such as Project management, CRM, Procurement, Warehouse, Accounting/Finance, POS and HR Management


Most organizations across the world have realized that in a rapidly changing environment, it is impossible to create and maintain a pure custom designed software package which will cater to all their requirements and also be completely up-to-date. Realizing this requirement of many organizations Logiic offers its Enterprise Resource Planning software which will offer an integrated software solution to all the functions of an organization.